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"Let the Little Children Come"

Working hard to get the classrooms ready for students on Monday

The first few students arrive as the sun rises

Two faithful cooks! We are very thankful for them!

Sweet Jacenta comes to school early so she can help clean the classrooms

Dear Family and Friends,

School is in its second week and the students are settling in well. By tomorrow they will all have new uniforms and will look very nice. Today the 3rd and 4th grade classes met in their new classrooms. Everyone was very excited this morning! Imagine just a few weeks ago we didn’t know if we could add the 4th grade because we had no classroom for them and today it is there! We are so grateful to God for his provision and for the one who gave so generously so this could be possible!

Joyce and I had a nice early morning walk to school today. As we passed people working in their gardens, I thought it was a good thing and they were preparing for planting but sadly that was not the case. They were digging up their sweet potatoes trying to salvage what they could. A worm has attacked them and if they don’t dig them up they will all rot in the ground. This is a big set back so please pray that they will at least have enough to feed their families until they can plant again. The rainy season is just a few weeks away so soon it will be planting time. Please pray for a good rainy season for the farmers as they depend on it for their food!

Love this early morning walk!

This week’s child is Opendi Simon Abraham. Abraham lives with his grandmother who is very poor. His mother was not married and never told who the father is. She abandoned Abraham leaving him with his grandmother. His grandmother is very poor and is also raising other grandchildren. This is such a common story here I sometimes feel like I am repeating myself. Without Mavuno Christian School Abraham and many of our children have little to no hope for an education.

Opendi Simon Abraham

I am so grateful for all who pray for me and for this ministry! God is doing amazing things and these children are the future hope for Uganda!!

Thank you for your prayers and for your support!


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them,

for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 19:14

Website Updates:

Our web site now has photos posted of all our new students. If God is leading you to sponsor one of these precious children or give a onetime donation, please visit

If you already sponsor a child and need to make a payment, please go to the following page:

The children are getting ready to start their day. They begin the day singing Uganda's national anthem, praying, and marching to their classes. These children love their school!

Less than a year ago Philemon was a runaway living on the streets... Yesterday, he was leading the children's choir in church. God is good!!

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