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School Is Back In Session

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we sent two boys off to school. One young man to boarding school for his last year of high school. Timothy was only four years old when we arrived in Tororo all those years ago. It has been such a joy to watch him grow into a fine young man. Please pray for him as this last year will be a difficult one academically. He struggles with his math courses and needs to bring up his grades in order to graduate in the fall of this year.

Louis is three and that is the age most children here start pre-school. So off he went this morning. Please pray for him to adjust to the classroom environment.

Mavuno Christian School starts today also. Please pray for a good year for our students!

Sunday morning, I had the privilege of praying with a young man. He prayed to accept Christ as his savior. Please pray for Mike as he has some very big struggles at home! His wife practices witchcraft and does not understand why Mike won’t practice it with her. Their marriage is affected as well as the wellbeing of their children. Believe me when I tell you witchcraft is big here and it will take a miracle for her to give it up. But God is a God of miracles and we are trusting that she will also come to Christ! 5 FEBRUARY 2018 2 Atheino Michelle These women enjoy breaking into groups to discuss the bible study questions. I enjoy hearing what they have discussed! Last minute teachers meeting on Friday in preparation for school starting Monday. We are all excited for the new year to begin.

Our child of the week is Atheino Michelle. Michelle is one of our new students and the daughter of one of our cooks/grounds keeper — Ronnie Owori. Ronnie is a hard worker and we are pleased to place his child in our school. Please be in prayer for Ronnie and his family. He has been in the hospital since last week. He is very sick with diabetes. He has been having health problems for some time but only just found out it was diabetes because he became so sick he had to be hospitalized. Please pray for healing and for them to regulate his treatments correctly!

Atheino Michelle

Our web site now has photos posted of all our new students. If God is leading you to sponsor one of these precious children or give a onetime donation, please visit

If you already sponsor a child and need to make a payment, please go to the following page:

Thank you for your prayers and your support!!

In Jesus Name,


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