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Dear Family and Friends,

The rains have come to Uganda! Every day for the past couple weeks we have gotten very good rain in the afternoons and evenings. The crops are growing and if things continue as is the people will have plenty of food very soon. Thank you so much for all your prayers! Continue to pray for those north of us who still need rain!

We took Shirley to Entebbe on Tuesday of last week and spent the night in Kampala. We are very grateful for all she did while she was here!

The children are already enjoying the playground equipment very much. We spent Wednesday morning in Kampala shopping and headed home to Tororo in the Afternoon. Molly needed to get an extension on her visa which we were able to accomplish. Kampala is an OK place to visit for a couple days but I much prefer the quiet of life in the village!

Molly’s mother, sister, and brother are arriving here in Tororo on Thursday. We are all very excited to have them with us for a couple weeks —— of course none of us are as excited as Molly!! Please pray for them as they travel today and tomorrow. Especially please pray for Molly’s mother who is having back problems.

School will start up again next Monday. Please pray for us as we try to get some general work done on the school building! We want to finish the picture Timothy is painting on the outside as well as painting some walls on the inside. This break went very fast and with only a week to go we need to hustle!

Also please pray for the students who still need sponsors. We are updating our web page and will soon have an updated list of those who need sponsors. An answered prayer is that my new washing machine is working great, and my oven is also working great. The house is beginning to look more like a lived in home everyday! Thank you for your prayers! God is good and He is working in this ministry!

In Jesus Name,


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