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Treat Yourself... to White Ants?

Dear Family and Friends,

This has been a good week and a busy one!! We have a wonderful visitor here from the US, Shirley Martin. She is a nurse from N. Carolina —- I met her several years ago at a mission conference in Orlando, Florida. Shirley has spoken to the women about nutrition and general health issues and they have enjoyed listening to her very much. She is also holding medical clinics for our school children. She is impressed with the good health of our children. Their good health is a result of feeding them breakfast and lunch everyday as well as the milk they are getting from our cow.

Shirley has been holding a medical clinic for our children

Shirley speaking to the women about proper nutrition

We are so grateful for everyone who is supporting this ministry! These children are healthy because of your support!!! We have had lots of very welcome rain this past week and the crops are looking very good!

Shirley greeting some of the children we met on our walk yesterday

The rain also brought us white ants (or termites) which the people love to eat. I ate one once and it wasn’t for me thank you! The ants are attracted to light and at night our houses are the only ones with lights on so Saturday night they swarmed in our compound. Joyce opened the gate Sunday morning and allowed the people to come in and get them. They were thrilled and it was fun. By mid-morning the ants were gone and although it was annoying when they swarm, it only lasts a night or two and then they are gone. The people consider them a real treat.

Molly has been working very hard organizing our children’s sponsorship program so we will be able to better supply information to our sponsors about their child. She has just about got it set up. We are so happy she is here and thankful for the work she is doing!

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In Jesus Name,


Sometimes the things on bathroom walls here make you wonder ———————

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