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New Visitor in Tororo!

Our baby Zawadi is growing very fast. She is such a blessing!

Zawazi was having a good time dancing!

The children came for a visit and were “helping” Molly.

Shirley brought me a big box of gold fish crackers but I am afraid they have been hijacked by this sweet boy! After eating one he decided they were his new favorite food!!

Our one fun stop on the way home from Kampala yesterday. I love the baskets and had to buy a couple for my new house.

Dear Family and Friends,

This week we have a visitor from the US: Shirley Martin, a nurse from North Carolina. She will be speaking to the women about health matters. She also will do general check ups on our children. Please be praying for us this week and next as it will be a full schedule.

Sunday the youth took over the service and it was a very good day. The young man (Henry) who preached did a great job- maybe a future preacher!!

My new washing machine that I bought two weeks ago has not worked from day one. I called the store and they said I had to go to the store and file a report. So yesterday I made the trip filed the report and the repair man is supposed to come tomorrow. Please pray he can fix it easily.

The children are out of school for the next two weeks so we will have a bit of a break from teaching. It will be a time for planning and also for painting some pictures on the school walls. One of the requirements for registering the school is pictures on the outside of the buildings. I’m actually excited to help with this project!!!

Thank you for praying!

In Jesus Name,


This Sunday was Youth Sunday so the youth led the entire service. They did a great job!! It has been a good month with the different departments of the church leading each Sunday. Next Sunday it is the men’s turn.

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