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Enrollment for the School Year 2017-2018 Has Begun!

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for your prayers! I would not want to be here doing this work without the prayers of you my family and friends. When we bought the property in the village where we have our church and school we knew we were going to be in an area with many hurting, vulnerable people —most of these people are very poor and struggle just to meet their daily needs. Our school children come from this area. We are thankful we can provide an opportunity for children to get an education. Without Mavuno Christian School most if not all of these children would have no chance for an education.

Baraka will be having a baby in either Dec. or Jan. Yay! Milk for the children

We are now enrolling children for the next school term. We plan to enroll 20 new students. So far we have enrolled 7. Please pray as we select students and that we will find sponsors for them. Also please pray for our students as we finish this school term in the next few weeks. The railroad will displace many of these children. Pray they can find new homes within our area, please, so their education will not be disrupted or even stopped. Moving away very well may mean the end of an education for them.

Please be praying for us as we plan to build homes closer to the church and school! The railroad is causing the cost for renting a home to increase greatly for homes which are substandard at best. Our landlord won’t fix anything and if we complain he tells us to leave. We need to move and renting is not an option at this time. Also please continue to pray for our friend Dr. Bob Mills. He remains in a coma after his heart attack. Pray for healing and pray for peace, comfort and strength for his wife and children. Thank you for your prayers!

In Jesus Name,


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