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We Finally Moved!

Dear Family and Friends,

Molly and I spent last week getting settled in and trying to put the house in order so we took the week off from ministry. The house is starting to shape up and we love it. There is still work to be done and the carpenter needs to come and build me some shelves and cabinets but it is so good to be here.

I am loving being in the village! It is so quiet and peaceful here and the walk to church and school is beautiful. This week we are back in the swing of things.

Molly started teaching Amina again and she was so happy to see Molly. She read a book for me this morning and it was so cute.

We had one casualty of the move: my washing machine. The repairman came twice and “fixed” it, but it is still not working. Molly and I are going to Kampala the end of this week and I will look for a new one. I am just not into washing everything by hand. Not that much of an African yet!! It’s okay though because this one had damage to it from the hot water heater falling off the wall and landing on it. It isn’t a big water heater but it did some damage and we think the move just did the rest.

Many of our children come from single mother homes and homes where they are being raised by a grandmother. It is difficult for these mothers and grandmothers to find work because most of them are uneducated. Our struggle is helping these children to get a good education so they don’t repeat the cycle. Steven Oboo is a little boy being raises by his single mother. The father is not in the picture and the mother is not able to find a job. So she digs in other peoples gardens to help support herself and her children. Steven would have no chance of an education if not for Mavuno Christian School.

Thank you for your prayers and support which make this ministry possible! Please pray for Philip McQueen as his father is very ill and has been in and out of the hospital the past several months.

In Jesus Name,


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