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Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away

Mavuno Students

The children assemble every morning to prepare for their day at school. We now have almost 100 students from our nursery class to P-3 (which would be 3rd grade in the US). This year is off to a good start!! Pray for us as we have the privilege of teaching these precious children.

Dear Family and Friends,

The rains have started and for the past two weeks we have gotten good rain almost every evening and even on into the night. It is so wonderful to see everything becoming green and people out working in their fields. Thank you for praying. There is still rain needed north of us so please continue to pray! Last week one of our teachers was out with the chicken pox and I became teacher for the day.

Walking the Roads of Tororo

I learned to appreciate the teachers of these children very much. The children in our school are from difficult situations and some are living in abusive homes. If they have a bad day or night at home they act out in school. The teacher has to know them well enough to know why they are misbehaving and discipline them in the best way. Please pray for our teachers that God will give them wisdom and lots of love for these children.

Mavuno Students

Mavuno Students

We will be moving into our houses very soon! They are finishing up with the plumbing and the tile. Then they will paint the walls and we will move in. There are still some finishing touches to do after that but we can do it while in the houses. I am so excited!! We are putting up as much of a fence as we can so our dogs can not escape.

New Mavuno Compound
New Mavuno Compound

The child I want to focus on today is Sandra. This little girl lives with her mother who is very poor. Her daddy went with the army to Somalia to fight in the war there and never returned. They do not even know if he is alive or dead. Her mother struggles to support her family. Without Mavuno Christian School she would have no chance for an education. Please continue to pray for us as we go through the process of registering our school. It is quite a process.


Owino Melvin Sandra

Thank you for your prayers and support!

In Jesus Name,


Simon Peter leading praise time on Sunday!

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