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Here's to the Start of Another School Year!

Dear Family and Friends,

School has started. Today was the first day and of course it was a bit hectic, but it was great to see the students returning all excited to start a new year. It was also exciting to have the new students arrive and the new teachers. We look forward to a great year! We now have close to 100 students at Mavuno Christian School. Please pray for the sponsors we need for these new children.

Children arriving for the first day of school. Always a bit hectic but a good day meeting with the parents and new teachers

We spent the day last Friday in Kampala buying the tile for the floors, walls and counter tops, and also the plumbing for the bathrooms in our new houses. Soon, we will be moving in and we are all very excited. We still need help with a fence around our property so we can keep the dogs in and thieves out. Please continue to pray for rain. We had a few days of very good rain but now we are back to sunny skies. Please pray for those people who have already planted their crops with the expectations that the rains would continue. If we don't get the rain their crops will fail.

Jesse Okumu

Brian Okello

Megan - not a student yet! She's only 1 year old, and so cute!!

Jesse and Brian are two of our new students who need sponsors. Jesse lives with his mother and the father is not in the picture. His mother is very poor and cannot afford to send Jesse to school. Brian’s mother is also without a husband and she is HIV positive. Brian is very excited to be able to go to school and without Mavuno Christian School this would not be possible.

Joann & Violet

Conference on the first day of school

Simon Peter teaching Regina how to use the bead rollers

Truck full of supplies for our houses

Thank you for your prayers and for your support!

In Jesus Name,


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